Reasons to establish a business

Let’s begin with simple and quite important fact for nowadays businesses – various locations in and around Curacao provide free Wi-Fi hotspots!
Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available at beaches and resorts too. Curacao has the advantage in the form of its geographical location. Depending on the location, the internet speed can go up to 26 Mbps. The internet connection is reliable without any disruption in the service. While taking advantage of free Wi-Fi hotspots, do not forget to get VPN server to secure your privacy.

Curacao guarantees every individual of Curacao above the age of 21 with a minimum wage per hour which is ANG 8.20 (USD 4.61). Labor laws in Curacao are both employer and employee friendly. Employees who work less than a defined number of hours annually fall within the scope of Labor Regulation and hence they may not work more than the statutory number of maximum hours. These people are called Non-Schedule Workers. Schedule Workers are those who work based on a recurrent schedule. 45 hours per week is a calculated maximum 4 week period time for schedule workers.

Tourism is booming and allied industries such as food and travel are also evergreen industries.
There is more than one reason for an individual opting to start a business at Curacao. Some of them are listed below:

bird1) Hurricane Free: Curacao is located outside the hurricane belt, making it a preferred choice of a distribution center for the Caribbean area.
2) Politically, the island has stable parliamentary democracy
3) People are friendly and welcoming and the overall environment is safe
4) The place attracts large number of tourists all through the year which is good for business
5) An international airport that is well connected to the Caribbean region from Central and South American and Eurozone as well
6) Well-developed harbor providing connectivity with important locations across the globe
7) Various initiatives from the government to promote business such as tax incentives, tax minimization, asset protection etc.
8) High-speed internet, well-developed business parks are added advantage

It is worth mentioning about the economic zones available in Curacao. One of the zones is located next to the international airport Hato and one at the harbor. The free economic zone present at the airport is spread across a developed area of 30 acres. The second phase area is expected to cover 103 acres of land area. The Economic zone located near the harbor provides excellent ports facilities, international financial services and state of the art data infrastructure and voice.

All the above make Curacao the best place to visit as a tourist and spend time with family. As an entrepreneur, an individual will find Curacao a blooming place to invest in a multitude of sectors such as tourism, restaurant, fish industry etc.


Curacao Island – a Heaven on Earth with free Wi-Fi

Curacao island is in the Caribbean Sea and has a lot to offer both to businessmen and to travelers alike. There are many activities that you can engage in, as Curacao offers a variety of cultural events. For example, the main event is the Curacao Carnival, but there are other parades, parties and as well as other interesting events. There are gorgeous beaches scattered all around the island where you can shop and try out all kinds of food – from street food to fine dining. One of Curacao’s biggest advantages is that it offers free Wi-Fi hotspots across the island. Free Wi-Fi is great for just about anyone, as being able to access your favorite social media, browse for information on the most popular sites of the island is very important and time-saving. However, you should not forget that while the ability to use free Wi-Fi is a great addition, there is always a risk of losing your information or getting exposed by hackers. You should not forget to use a VPN service for your data to stay secure, as it is very easy for your personal information to get into the hands of another person. That’s where the VPN service providers come in – they offer Internet security services that help to protect and secure your data.

Free public networks always pose a risk, as hackers can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and hack your devices. A VPN service will help you to stop any attempt on your personal data or information because VPNs encrypt your Internet activity and Internet traffic. It’s a great way to protect sensitive data, especially if you’re on a business trip. Moreover, these Internet security services are a great method to protect yourself against hackers and anyone else who might try to get ahold of your data. A good VPN service provider encrypts and secures you so well that even Internet Service Providers won’t know what you’re doing online or what kind of pages you’re browsing through. Take a minute and read the latest NordVPN review to get more knowledge about this security option.


Another advantage that a VPN can offer is that it usually supports multiple devices, therefore you can use it on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer simultaneously. It’s a neat feature as you can secure all your devices at once. Also, VPN services can help you access restricted content that is unavailable in certain countries, engage in P2P or Torrenting activities, provide full anonymity online and more. Most VPN services have no bandwidth, data or speed limit and offer relatively good price to quality ratio.

Whether you’re on a serious business trip or just taking a time to relax while lying on a beautiful beach, be sure to stay safe with a VPN when using Curacao’s free Wi-Fi. Then, no one will be able to ruin your time on Heaven on Earth.